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Hey folks! We’ve started getting music up on YouTube! Be sure to listen & like!

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Hey there yall! I wanted to let everyone know we’re on Facebook, so go “like” us and check it out! I hope to see you all there. -Faithy

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Silver Dollar City

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Yall come out and see us this Wednesday,  May  21  at  Silver Dollar City  in Branson, Mo. -Faithy

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Our calico cat had a litter of 9 kittens last week,  5 orange, 2 black, a calico and a white with black spots. So needless to say, we’re having fun. 🙂     -Faithy

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Country Life

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Now you all know that 1 More Rd. loves the country. We love country food, country folk, country roads, country sunsets, everything about the country. We were at a Christmas party a couple weeks ago & I just happened to glance at the door, then did a double-take at the floor by the door. Cowboy boot city. This when you know you’re in the right...

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