Happily Ever After

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Last Spring Haley, our cousin Mathew and I got to play for our cousin’s wedding. Haley and I on “Violins,” other wise known as fiddles:-) and Matthew on piano. We had a standing ovation and were encored, which was rather disruptive to the wedding…  just kidding. 😉 We played Canon in D and He (an old song from the sixties). It was fun to be able to do something kinda different. I don’t have any pictures or video so you’ll have to imagine it or something. 🙂 We were also put in charge of the food part of the reception, which I really enjoyed. Amanda...

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Arbuckle Mountain Festival

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We had an absolute blast at the Arbuckle Mountain Bluegrass Festival this weekend. We got to see some old friends and meet some new, and listen to music, so it was really a good deal all around. Our grandpa came out both days so we got to spend time with him. He took us to a little Ma and Pa burger joint that has the best burgers (and milk shakes 🙂 ) you have ever eaten (I say ‘you ever ate’ but Mom says otherwise). So if you ever happen to find yourself in Davis, OK stop by Burgerland. We hit the road again this morning after spending the night in a noisy Walmart parking...

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Minnesota At It’s Finest

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Pizza and Firemen

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We were headed down the road in Minnesota and saw a Pizza Ranch! This place doesn’t exist down South, unfortunately, but they’re all over little towns up here. Their pizza is like what pizza is supposed to be! After eating till our toenails were bulging, we waddled out of there and hopped on the bus. 😉 Down the road in Jackson MN there was a brand new fire station with a really cool statue out front. The Fire Chief took us on a tour of the station, showed us their rigs and everything, really had a blast. We of course had to get a few pic’s of Dad in front of the...

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New Band Members

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Last night 1 More Rd.’s head farm hand told us he had some prospective band members for us to meet. He came over with 6 prospects. After due deliberation 1 More Rd. chose 2 new band members. We would introduce them but they don’t have names yet. Here is a sneak peak at the new 1 More Rd. band kittens! ~Amanda

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Way Down South

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Just got back from Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana tour. Had an absolute blast! I want to thank all the churches and individuals that supported us while we were down there, especially Mr. Steve and Miss Zora. They had us over to their house and fed us boiled shrimp and shrimp gravy, cream ‘taters, green beans and toast and I mean to tell you we were stuffed as couple ticks on a good dog.  Mr. Steve  took us out on his shrimp boat and let the nets out and drug for awhile, much to our excitement we caught 21 shrimp, 2 silver eel and about a million cat fish, from baby size to about...

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