First Concert of the Tour

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Our first concert of the tour! There is a really neat coffee shop in this area. The owners are really cool people that are in it as a ministry. They really love their people. We had a good concert & got to re-connect with new and old friends.

Before the concert started I stepped off the bus & looked down the road & saw the yellow falling leaves, the dust in the air, the old-fashioned main street & felt like I had stepped back into time in an old country postcard. I didn’t want to leave. It was so beautiful. Then I saw the neon led lights from the gas station sign. ¬†That broke the spell.:-)

The time after the concert was really nice. Everyone stayed around & visited until Bob (the coffee shop owner) was having to prop his eyes open with toothpicks. I don’t understand morning people! (Okay, so I was tired too, but you’ll never get me to admit it!) They fed us some awesome BBQ & pie. Yep, I really like this area & these people.:-)¬†


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