Clay Center

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This morning we got to play in one of our favorite churches here. There was a lot going on as they were at the tail end of several deaths & a local tragedy. The Holy Spirit was faithful & we were led to share some miracles God has done in our lives in the last year. Dad’s short message & the pastor’s message were powerful & I felt privileged to be there. It is really neat to find people in other places that you know are led by the Holy Spirit & you can feel it when they speak. There was a dinner afterwards & we enjoyed visiting with more friends.  The people here are really incredible.  There was also lots of dessert.  That always makes a good church dinner.:-)

Faith & Nathan were giving rides on the dolly & taught the church kids how to shoot water bottle lids while we were packing up. I hope no one gets in trouble for shooting things in the sanctuary!:-)

Because of the marathon we’ve been running the last few weeks everyone was exhausted. I’m not sure what happened the rest of the day because I seem to have fallen asleep…


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