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Yesterday we spent time with the young people of Harvard, Nebraska. They were a fun bunch of country kids who were into music & very enthusiastic. We had a blast with them! Before the event, on our way in, we got a panic call from inside the bus. A water valve busted & was shooting water all over the place, covering the floor in certain rooms. In a bus though, you can’t just shut the water off. There is a whole pressurized system that gets the water up to the top, so the whole water system has to be de-pressurized. Clint got the system turned off. But while we were waiting for it to bleed all the pressure off, we were just having to watch it spray water. 🙂 But what can you do? We just laughed, shook our heads & went inside. Another day on the bus!

One highlight of our day was getting to know a few of the young people there. Very fun folks here. They were awesome. Nick, Zach & Nick helped us unload, unpack, set up, tear down, pack up & re-load. Thank you guys, especially Nick #1, he helped us all day & even took some pictures for us. Many thanks to Blake Thompson. You were very helpful & fun. We enjoyed visiting with you. Your heart for the kids was very evident.

We were hungry afterwards & started looking for a place to eat, but our GPS kept sending us on dead ends.  In the process we passed Applebee’s a couple of times so we gave in & stopped the bus there. Most of us had never been there before. We were tired & cold were just dressed in sweatshirts & jeans. We went in & everyone was all dressed up nice.  Oops.  Oh well, who cares?  We were hungry! 😀 It was super good.


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