Christmas at McDonalds

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Hurry rush, one more stop, no, I didn’t mean stop light! Oh yes, I almost forgot something for my fifth cousin on my aunts side, or is it my sixteenth cousin on my grandfathers uncles side, I’m not sure anyway I’ve GOT to get something! At times like these, it’s no wonder McDonald’s stays in business. “Hello, what can I get for you today?” “I would like, um” (thought) ‘I’m not very hungry.’ “How ’bout a chicken nugget happy meal” “I’m sorry ma’am, we’re out” “cheese burger?” “I’m so sorry Miss, but we’re out of that too” “WHAT, how can this be? Ok fine, just a hamburger” “what would you like on that?” “Pickles and mayo” (thought) ‘at least I found something they do have.’ “hate to brake it to you, but, we don’t have any mayo” “YOUR OUT OF THAT TOO!”  “No ma’am, we just don’t have any.”

And you wonder why people have road rage:)



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