Mannhiem Steamroller In Concert

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Saturday night we saw Mannhiem Steamroller live in concert! It was so cool! And they were just as good in concert as the CD’s. It was so interesting to see what all sounds the instruments and synthesizers would make. But I did find one thing out, those synthesizer thingy majigers are something to fear, they make some noises that would scare a deaf giraffe. There were only six traveling MS band members and nine that were hired locally. I though that was a kinda cool idea. Our seats were on the fifth balcony and Mom is still on crutches from her knee surgery, so we took the elevator up to the fifth floor, then asked a lady what the easiest way to get to our seats was and she said “Well, take the elevator back down to forth floor, walk all the way around to the right side (the elevator was on the far left) take the steps up to the balcony, then up to the forth row, then you’re all the way in the middle” poor Ma, and that place ain’t no little bitty thing. Needless to say she got her work out for the day. 😉 The evening was just all together a blast!



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