South Padre Island

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IMG_6608 IMG_6604    We had so much fun on the beach! The wind was blowing so hard I’ve never seen waves like that before. We headed out there with some friends, had some delicious pizza, and tried to fish. Notice I said ‘tried’. 🙂 We were fishing off the jetties, but you couldn’t go very far down because the waves were going clear over them, but there were no fish close to the shore. Clint decided to try going out a ways (with his PINK fishing pole) 😀 but that only resulted in giving him a wet back, I think he was then accused of being a wet-back, 😉 but that was decided against when we saw the border patrol go over. (in their helicopter) We finished the day off going to a seafood restaurant on the island. I had a hamburger ’cause you could say, I’m more used to opossum and sweet ‘taters than oysters and tarter sauce. 🙂




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