Happily Ever After

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Last Spring Haley, our cousin Mathew and I got to play for our cousin’s wedding. Haley and I on “Violins,” other wise known as fiddles:-) and Matthew on piano. We had a standing ovation and were encored, which was rather disruptive to the wedding…  just kidding. 😉 We played Canon in D and He (an old song from the sixties). It was fun to be able to do something kinda different. I don’t have any pictures or video so you’ll have to imagine it or something. 🙂

We were also put in charge of the food part of the reception, which I really enjoyed. Amanda was able to show off stuff she learned working at The Dominion House, (a wedding facility where she works as Sous Chef). So, if you have a wedding coming up that  needs some music,or even to be catered, you know we’d perfect for… Naw, I’m just kidding. 😉



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