Arbuckle Mountain Festival

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We had an absolute blast at the Arbuckle Mountain Bluegrass Festival this weekend. We got to see some old friends and meet some new, and listen to music, so it was really a good deal all around. Our grandpa came out both days so we got to spend time with him. He took us to a little Ma and Pa burger joint that has the best burgers (and milk shakes 🙂 ) you have ever eaten (I say ‘you ever ate’ but Mom says otherwise). So if you ever happen to find yourself in Davis, OK stop by Burgerland.

We hit the road again this morning after spending the night in a noisy Walmart parking lot, and I came to the conclusion that Illinois is long ways from home! 🙂 I put a couple pics below I took this morning (in Missouri).



Sorry About the bug splat on the windshield ;)

Sorry about the bug splat 😉

Morning mist in the valley
Morning mist in the valley


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