Meet the Band



Steve recently took an early retirement from the Oklahoma City Fire Department. He was a firefighter for over 22 years. Driving the bus comes naturally after years of driving fire trucks. (Sometimes he forgets there aren’t lights on top!) Steve enjoys playing upright bass & has a lot of fun during performances. He sings lead & harmony.



Cathy is a real Oklahoma country girl. The only thing she likes more than being outside is playing music with the band. She plays guitar, occasionally the keyboard and sings a beautiful soft harmony. Cathy loves band practices with kittens on her lap. Steve & Cathy have been married for over 35 years.



Clint is the guitar player and a lead singer. He is the emcee & enjoys making people laugh. Clint is very gifted on the guitar. He likes playing around with rhythms to change a sound or add interest. Clint has a White Mountain Homemade Ice-cream business that he takes to local events.







Haley is the fiddle player for the band. Her playing is like her personality, it has a quiet strength. She has been gifted with an incredible ear and works on the blend of the band’s music. Don’t let her quiet nature fool you though, you will find a burst of mischief in her when you least expect it! Haley loves animals & likes seeing people enjoy her homemade pies.

FaithFaith lighter

Faith is the mandolin and twin fiddle player.  She is 18 & sings a powerful lead & harmony vocal. Faith has an incredible ear for instruments and can play most of the instruments on stage.  She loves the challenge of working up new music & enjoys working on the different harmony lines & instrumental phrasing.  Faith is quick witted and loves to tease & joke.  She is a country girl at heart & loves the outdoors, cooking, pulling pranks and playing with her cat.


Nathan is the Cajon player and is 16 years old. He loves singing.  He also plays around with the bass & Dobro. He has been part of the band since the beginning with his strong harmonies. Nathan is a country kid. He will use any excuse to escape outside to fix, repair, build, or do anything to stay outside. He loves anything with wheels or a motor, specifically his brother’s old Dodge diesel truck.