New Band Members

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Last night 1 More Rd.’s head farm hand told us he had some prospective band members for us to meet. He came over with 6 prospects. After due deliberation 1 More Rd. chose 2 new band members. We would introduce them but they don’t have names yet. Here is a sneak peak at the new 1 More Rd. band kittens!


photo (1)

Farm hands boys, Jonah (L) and Jacob (R)

Way Down South

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Just got back from Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana tour. Had an absolute blast! I want to thank all the churches and individuals that supported us while we were down there, especially Mr. Steve and Miss Zora. They had us over to their house and fed us boiled shrimp and shrimp gravy, cream ‘taters, green beans and toast and I mean to tell you we were stuffed as couple ticks on a good dog.  Mr. Steve  took us out on his shrimp boat and let the nets out and drug for awhile, much to our excitement we caught 21 shrimp, 2 silver eel and about a million cat fish, from baby size to about 10 inch. 😮 Mr. Steve said the season had been slow, but we had a blast any way!



CD of the Year

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2013 Gospel CD of the Year!

1 More Rd. CD

Be Assured

Awarded Rural Roots Music Commission

& the National Traditional Country Music Assn.

A Long Day

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We had a mighty full day the other day. It started when the alarm clock went off thirty minutes early, at 4:55. So then we thought, ‘set it for thirty minutes late then we’ll be on time.’ I think the battery was low because then it went off at 5:50 instead of 5:30. We rushed around, hopped on the bus and headed for Nardin, OK. The town was five blocks long and one block wide. It consisted of one silo and one church. It was so quaint and cute. I love towns like that, surrounded in wheat ready to be harvested, kinda wished I lived in one. 🙂

The church was full, and had an awesome concert. They fixed up a country lunch, fried chicken and all the scrumptious fixins’, mouth waterin’ angel food cake, key lime pie, layered coconut dessert, fresh peach dessert… I think you can tell what I like. 😉 I wanted to try everything, but I wasn’t able to, I don’t believe my clothes would have let me. 😮

On our way home we stopped for fuel at our small town fillin’ station and ran into some friends, nobody was hurt. 😉  After evening service they came over to the house and hung out until 1:00 am, playing games and having all sorts of fun! 🙂

Shoot, no wonder we’re tired. 😉



Clint To The Rescue

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Tonight Clint had a cat rescue. Our cute little kitty (the orange one) got stuck in a tree and could not get down! She had been stuck up there for hours, literally! I mean to tell you, this cat is crazed where it really matters! We got her when she was only a month old, (only we didn’t realize it). If we were to take her to a cat show, I know she would get “NCOA (National Cat Observer Association) Stupid Cat Of  The Year 2013” 🙂




Boom-a-rang Diner

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After the concert on Sunday, we stopped at a small town cafe close to where Mom grew up.

Me and the waitress, who went through my grandpa (Papa Lyle Maynard's) driving school

Autumn (on right) from Boom-a-rang Diner, who went through my grandpa’s (Papa Lyle Maynard) driving school.

Chicken fried steak sandwich

Bubba size chicken fried steak sandwich.

Unbelievable chicken fried steak sandwiches!



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When we saw this we knew we were in Louisiana;)

When we saw this we knew we were in Louisiana;)

Cypress knees
Cypress knees




Amazing Sisters

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I just want to go on record for saying these girls are amazing! When we were packing for this tour they (Haley & Faith) wanted to bring the waffle iron. I protested since we have such limited space. What could be more wasteful than a waffle iron on a bus?! I soon ate my words. Literally. They make all kinds of biscuits, pancakes & waffles in that thing & are fixing to make a chocolate cake & ice cream dessert thing with it. They have used it almost more than we use our toaster. I’m telling you, we have been eating good! 🙂


South Padre Island

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IMG_6608 IMG_6604    We had so much fun on the beach! The wind was blowing so hard I’ve never seen waves like that before. We headed out there with some friends, had some delicious pizza, and tried to fish. Notice I said ‘tried’. 🙂 We were fishing off the jetties, but you couldn’t go very far down because the waves were going clear over them, but there were no fish close to the shore. Clint decided to try going out a ways (with his PINK fishing pole) 😀 but that only resulted in giving him a wet back, I think he was then accused of being a wet-back, 😉 but that was decided against when we saw the border patrol go over. (in their helicopter) We finished the day off going to a seafood restaurant on the island. I had a hamburger ’cause you could say, I’m more used to opossum and sweet ‘taters than oysters and tarter sauce. 🙂




Missing Snowflakes

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Okay, so this is completely not fair! Oklahoma had three inches of snow, and Harlingen TX (where we are) is 85 degrees! I wasn’t what you’d call a happy camper when I heard!!! I don’t know if that’s enough exclamation marks! I love snow sooooo much! We haven’t seen more than 1/8 inch in three years. Next winter I think I’ll schedule a tour in Colorado;) Make up for the lack, you know:)