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Wow, a whole lots happened I’ve bee able to write last!

Mom had knee surgery, so she’s laid up on the couch and I’ll tell you what, that woman is four people’s worth of work!  Oh woops, I mean DOES four people’s worth of work:)  I mean, we can’t even keep up on the laundry, let alone the dishes that we’re supposed to do (oops:), making sure all the chores get done, and school work, then on top of all that, she does book keeping for the band AND Dad’s & Clint’s window washing businesses, and hardest of all, she has to keep us in line:) I truly have to say she is a SUPER MOM!  We love you Ma!



Wanna Talk About Help

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Last week we met the Leverich family, so glad we could get to know you, had a lot of fun.  Got a bunch of girl power and two sets of guy muscles to help us load:)  They were happy to lend a hand, (actually they lended two:)  Gear was packed faster than a cat could pounce a cricket, everyone just got in there and and tore it up (not technically “tore”:)   Couldn’t ask for better help,  y’all rock!



Got Hope

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Do not  fret because of evildoers…  For they shall soon be cut down like the grass… The wicked will be destroyed, but those who look to the Lord for help, they will take possession of the land.   Psalm 37:1, 2 & 9


Home is Where We Left it

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 We got home about 1:00 am Tuesday morning from our Nebraska tour, feeling tired but happy.  Burpy, (the dog) was whimpering and whining, I could hear my cat Tabby (real creative name, huh), yowling from his pen along with the other three cats in there.  Little Guy, the cat that stays out, was purring and slobbering all over us (I don’t know why, but he drools).  The leaves had changed and were falling and the cool Autumn breeze felt so good!  Wow finally home, and it was just where we left it:)



Me and my cat, Tabby

Go Cardinals

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Thanks Doniphan, y’all were awesome.  Really great concert!  Got lots of  help unloading and loading gear, thank you guys!

Special thanks to Kirk Russel for your personal efforts in putting this together.   Mr.  Alcorn,  it is evident you enjoy what you are doing.  We enjoyed your sense of humor.  We wish you all well!



Ring the Bell

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It was a chilly & windy night, us Okies (Oklahomans) would consider it cold, but we aren’t in OK, so it was chilly.:) It again was a wonderful concert and the folks were really excited. They had an old fashioned bell that Nathan really wanted to ring, he finally got to at about 10:30 pm.  I kinda feel sorry for the neighbors:) but I do have to admit, I rang it a few times myself:)

We met a man that has a hammered dulcimer as well, so we’re going to drop by sometime tomorrow.

It’s thundering right now and it sounds so pretty, it reminds me of home.




Nick & Nick

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Yesterday we spent time with the young people of Harvard, Nebraska. They were a fun bunch of country kids who were into music & very enthusiastic. We had a blast with them! Before the event, on our way in, we got a panic call from inside the bus. A water valve busted & was shooting water all over the place, covering the floor in certain rooms. In a bus though, you can’t just shut the water off. There is a whole pressurized system that gets the water up to the top, so the whole water system has to be de-pressurized. Clint got the system turned off. But while we were waiting for it to bleed all the pressure off, we were just having to watch it spray water. 🙂 But what can you do? We just laughed, shook our heads & went inside. Another day on the bus!

One highlight of our day was getting to know a few of the young people there. Very fun folks here. They were awesome. Nick, Zach & Nick helped us unload, unpack, set up, tear down, pack up & re-load. Thank you guys, especially Nick #1, he helped us all day & even took some pictures for us. Many thanks to Blake Thompson. You were very helpful & fun. We enjoyed visiting with you. Your heart for the kids was very evident.

We were hungry afterwards & started looking for a place to eat, but our GPS kept sending us on dead ends.  In the process we passed Applebee’s a couple of times so we gave in & stopped the bus there. Most of us had never been there before. We were tired & cold were just dressed in sweatshirts & jeans. We went in & everyone was all dressed up nice.  Oops.  Oh well, who cares?  We were hungry! 😀 It was super good.


Clay Center

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This morning we got to play in one of our favorite churches here. There was a lot going on as they were at the tail end of several deaths & a local tragedy. The Holy Spirit was faithful & we were led to share some miracles God has done in our lives in the last year. Dad’s short message & the pastor’s message were powerful & I felt privileged to be there. It is really neat to find people in other places that you know are led by the Holy Spirit & you can feel it when they speak. There was a dinner afterwards & we enjoyed visiting with more friends.  The people here are really incredible.  There was also lots of dessert.  That always makes a good church dinner.:-)

Faith & Nathan were giving rides on the dolly & taught the church kids how to shoot water bottle lids while we were packing up. I hope no one gets in trouble for shooting things in the sanctuary!:-)

Because of the marathon we’ve been running the last few weeks everyone was exhausted. I’m not sure what happened the rest of the day because I seem to have fallen asleep…


Kitty Help

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Just thought you would enjoy this picture.  The kitty loves music & enjoys participating in practices.:-)


First Concert of the Tour

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Our first concert of the tour! There is a really neat coffee shop in this area. The owners are really cool people that are in it as a ministry. They really love their people. We had a good concert & got to re-connect with new and old friends.

Before the concert started I stepped off the bus & looked down the road & saw the yellow falling leaves, the dust in the air, the old-fashioned main street & felt like I had stepped back into time in an old country postcard. I didn’t want to leave. It was so beautiful. Then I saw the neon led lights from the gas station sign.  That broke the spell.:-)

The time after the concert was really nice. Everyone stayed around & visited until Bob (the coffee shop owner) was having to prop his eyes open with toothpicks. I don’t understand morning people! (Okay, so I was tired too, but you’ll never get me to admit it!) They fed us some awesome BBQ & pie. Yep, I really like this area & these people.:-)