Alaska String Band Returns

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 The same day we got home from TX our friends the Alaska String Band stopped in for a spell. They are the Zahasky family, Mom Dad and three kids, and travel around the U.S. Check out there website We always love it when they are able to come through!

We stayed up until 1:30 am playing games. Laura (the oldest Z. daughter) showed us how to play ‘what would you do if?’ If you’re like us, and don’t know what ‘what would you do if’ is, I’ll tell you a how it goes. Everyone gets a pen and paper and writes down a question such as, “what would you do if… you woke up with a belly button ring?” And someone else writes “what would you do if… you had a long beard? The papers are gathered, redistributed and you have to answer the question you were given. Then the papers are again gathered, redistributed and someone is picked to start, lets say, Quinn Z. says, “Abby, (the youngest Z. daughter) What would you do if you woke up with a belly button ring” and she responds with the answer from her paper, “Braid it and jump rope with it” So as you can see how it gets really funny really fast! They had to leave the next morning so we didn’t get to play it again, but it sure was fun, and the illustrations used were things that actually were written:) We were sad to see them go, but happy we got to see them.

Our favorite Zahasky-Young tradition is to sit around the living room (or bus or outside) in the morning and tell a few jokes, then tell the things we are concerned about and the cool things that have happened in our lives, then we pray for each other’s families. This time we listened to the Rochester’s version of “Without Him I Could Do Nothing”. As we listened we could certainly relate. It was a very sweet time together.









CD coming soon

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Last week we spent two days in Dallas TX to finish mixing and mastering our CD that is soon to come out! Lance Miller ( who is a part of the Triple L Band) mixed the album and did a wonderful job!  Thank you Lance!!!



Kid Power

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Sunday after the concert, several kids came and used all of their awesome kid power to help us pack up. They carried cases, heavy gear, rolled wires and had an extra smile while doing it:) We were quiet impressed! Thank you for your help and we can’t wait to see you again!



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Last weekend was the Oklahoma International Bluegrass Festival here in Guthrie. It was rather chilly out. The high for Saturday was 48 degrees and the wind was so strong all three days that we all had some major wind burns by the end of the festival.

Clint has his own homemade ice cream concession stand, which he takes to various fairs and festivals. He also serves Tea (sweet, unsweetened, raspberry and strawberry, In case anyone wanted to know:) Coffee, Frito Chili Pies, Chili and Cheese in a bowl, Cookies, and a vast array of ice cream sundaes, which, if I do say so myself, are mighty tempting:)

On Thursday and Friday we played a couple times in the kids tent, which was a blast! On Friday night we got together with some friends and did some old fashioned line and square dances. After we got done, we concluded that Saturday, we would have to get together earlier in the evening so we could dance longer, and so we would have time enough to get plenty of it in before Vince Gill went on. So, to put it nicely, our feet were kinda sore for a few days:) Thanks to all dancing partners, we had a Ball! Hahaha


Howdy folks

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This is one of the many new and exciting features of YFB’s all new website. We will keep you up to date with us, life on the road and on the farm. Feel free to visit us and leave a reply. Also, check out our contact page and shoot us an email, we’d love to hear from you!